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Michael Willow

Every now and then we promote a new, unknown or talented artist. This time that is Michael Willow. Michael is a Greek singer whose songs are distinctive for their intense lyricism that cover a wide range of subjects (isolation, loneliness, love etc) . He is influenced by various musicians, such as David Bowie, Tori Amos, Scorpions among many others. He is known for his distinctive baritone voice, but has nevertheless been commented as having an “Axl Rose vocal quality”.

Michaelwillow.com is a professional multi-blog that since February 2009 offers its services to new and upcoming musicians. It is thus not only focused on Michael Willow's own music, but also helps musicians and fans to find useful information on various music related subjects. The website is "an independent voice in the music world with the main aim to spread and produce quality music". Check it out!

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