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From the front of the choir

Chris is a singing workshop leader specialising in unaccompanied harmony songs from around the world. His blog "From the front of the choir" is an example how music blogs are supposed to be: made with love and with a lot of passion for music. His blog is funny, informative and personal. Chris presents his thoughts and views on the use of vocals in music. He does this on the basis of "Natural Voice" principles. The "Natural Voice" ethos states "that everybody can sing... and that nobody should be denied access to music. Hence the method doesn’t use written notation, but all songs are taught by ear". Want to learn more or improve your singing ability, while having fun? Check Chris' blog out and learn from a pro!


Heal the world with music said...

check out my music blog! http://healtheworldwithmusic.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Baixa a nova musica da Telma Lee e Mikka Mendes Sou Diferente.