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01/ 08/ 2008 Entries Part I

Another day, new blogs and a lot of small surprises. African Hip Hop, Brecht and a clean lay-out:

  • WorldVix - Sometimes you have blogs that are popular, because they have popular music, while other times they have a clean and clear lay out. Well, this blog has both, easy lay out/ easy music.
  • Zero G Sound - I like this blog. Why? because it was brave enough to post some poems of Brecht! Who? Forget about it! This blog is definitely Avant, Prog. and Poetic with a lot of German spirit! A TIP!.
  • Totally Fuzzy This Blog needs no introduction. Legendary and attracting thousands of visitors each day. TIP!
  • Naija Jams - I have been to a lot of countries, but I am ashamed to say that I have never visited any in Africa. High in the list is however Nigeria. The reason - music being one. Check it out, a Nigerian music Blog!
  • African Hiphop - Sometimes, I get tired of all that American Gangsta rap. What a relief there is such a thing as classic African Hip Hop. A TIP is well deserved for this blog!

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